I see you girl… on instagram and in my feed and you’ve made it. I trust your style and feel like I almost know you. You are the cool girl at school and I’ll follow and listen. I stretch my wallet and obsess over those sales right there with you. 

You are an influencer and whether you like it or not you’ve created a platform and people like me are listening.  Have you ever stopped and wondered what you are actually promoting? Is it just a business or is it something more? I want you to think about this because it is something I struggle with too. 

Fast fashion is easy to sell and when I see you looking so chic and happy I want in. But did you know textile production is very carbon intensive and clothing production emits more greenhouse gases than shipping and aviation combined? Not only this but you would be shocked by the the conditions that people are forced to work in.

So tell me, is it worth it? 

Could you vow to spend at least one day a week promoting ethical and sustainable fashion brands?  Could you seek out brands and pieces and influence me and others to buy sustainable versions of these trends instead? I am sick of wanting the latest trends that are not good for the environment and I want change. I love your style but I also want to feel good about my purchases.

Last week was a BIG sale week. The Nordstrom sale and Amazon Prime day both happened and I loved seeing all the style inspo on the bloggers. Here is an example of what I am talking about. The concert tee and midi skirt look was everywhere, but I took this look a created a more sustainable version.


instagram @stylinbyayline (left) @liketeslakim (center) @daniaustin (right)


It’s part thrifted (skirt), borrowed (shirt) and new (shoes). This T-shirt is my husbands Possibilities T-shirt from our boutique. He wears a men’s medium and all I had to do was tie it at the bottom and roll the sleeves. This skirt is thrifted, but I also found a similar leopard skirt on Rent the Runway and my Veja shoes are my go to sustainable sneaker brand.

Although, I am not a fashion blogger, I do follow the trends and want to help out the community. From time to time I try to feature brands and outfits that align with my values. You can follow me on instagram @liketeslakim or download the Liketoknowit.com app and follow me there as well. Email me kim@LikeTeslaKim.com to collaborate.