A few weeks ago, we reported that an insider informed us that Tesla was planning a refresh, likely including changes to the S & X interior, batteries and possibly the drivetrain.

We were certainly not the first to report that a so called refresh was coming as other details had since leaked regrading S and X interior renderings and potential battery upgrades.

A lot of you have asked for a follow up after Elon took to twitter a short while ago denying an S and X refresh were coming. He also shot down an interior upgrade in the near future.

Now Elon was pretty careful in his language on twitter reiterating that Tesla only does “minor ongoing changes” as has always been the case.

I think it would be silly to expect him to say otherwise as he’s not going to kill demand by coming out and saying yes a refresh coming later this year. Teslas stance has always been we don’t do “refreshes” and just do ongoing minor changes

They can very well implement upgrades later in the year and call it what they want. Also, to think they will continue to sell flagship models at a two times the premium price to its more affordable Model 3 but with an older, non 250 kw capable supercharging for much longer is simply foolish or turning a blind eye. 

So to me, a more advanced battery, which would naturally lend itself to more range and better charging performance is a no brainer in the near future. I’d also call changes to the center screen or air vents in S and X as refreshes and major, but Tesla has always called such changes minor ongoing improvements and likely will continue to implement similar changes in the coming months. 

That’s what they said about going from AP1 to AP2, the MCU upgrade and about the nose cone being taken away from the S a few years back. 

You’re jumping the gun way too soon if you expected him to answer otherwise on twitter. Even his usage of the words ‘minor ongoing changes’ and ‘we don’t do major refreshes’ lends themselves to leeway when changes are implemented. As recently as last month, Elon verbalized the path to a 400 mile range Tesla in the very near future. More than likely achieved the same cell technology that powers the Model 3’s and would offer S & X 250 or great kw of charging speed.

Now will all of these possible “minor improvements” be implemented at the same time or over the course of the next 6-12 months, that’s Teslas call.

I have no doubts that our inside source drove a Model S and X with what you and I would call significant changes to its batteries, interior and drivetrain in the Mojave desert this past spring. I believe some, if not all of these features will be implemented in the lineup in the near future. But how near and how bundled will these features be when they are implemented into the line up are Teslas call.

Most of you who’ve followed tesla for some time, know by now that if you wait for the next best tesla, you’ll always be waiting for a tesla.

Just adding some context to those who seem to take a tweet as a definitive line to what we call a refresh and how Tesla has historically defined that word to its vehicles in recent history.

Alright guys, stay current! 😉