Through our YouTube videos, many viewers write to me saying that my kids are so well behaved and so easy to handle. Of course we show selective editing on YouTube. However, just like most children, my kids have their days. I am convinced they’re crazy 🙂 and there are many situations where we have to redo shots because of them. My youngest is in preschool for four hours each day, so that is usually the time we film. If we don’t get the shots (more often than not) we hire a babysitter.

However, this comes full circle on road trips where kids get really antsy. Most kids dread the long road trips being strapped in a car seat. I have to admit, ipads and tablets do help when needed but having a Tesla also makes a huge difference. Especially with the Model X, the falcon wings alone are a cool “event” that the kids look forward to. They are very aware that our car is quite different than 99% of all other cars on the road and they love opportunity to open or close the doors.

Tesla also keeps them excited about the car by rolling out new easter eggs. From the the reindeer jingles to the TeslAtari games, my kids love playing with the center console of our car. Tesla just released the emissions testing mode (aka fart mode) which was an instant crowd pleaser, and Elon has promised to keep more surprises coming. Landon says his favorite easter egg is the game Pole Position and Liam’s is the verbal prompt (by pressing the speak button) “Ho Ho Ho, not funny.”

When we first got our Model X, I told the kids not to eat food in the car. However, that rule lasted for a week and instead I decided to invest in seat covers and floor mats. We also try to vacuum the car out weekly and keep baby wipes everywhere to get to spills fast. The best investment by far has been our ceramic coating. It was applied to not only the exterior, but also on just about every interior finish so spills never set it. Here is a video we did that shows how to wash your Tesla and along with the ceramic coating application. If you live in the Atlanta area,  I recommend both Bryan Burnworth at Peach State Detail and Tiaan Krige at AP3.

Alright, do your kids give you a hard time on road trips? Are they messy? What do you do to keep everyone happy?
Let me know in the comments below.

XO Kim